Two shootings. Six months pass. Zero suspects.

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By Levi Pulkkinen, P-I Reporter

Six months have passed since two South Seattle teens were gunned down in separate incidents in disparate corners of the city. And police still have no suspects, as witnesses refuse to come forward.

Allen Joplin and De’Che Morrison had much in common. Both were sons of Seattle, students at city schools who had minor scrapes with the law. Both were mourned as children killed before they could correct mistakes made in the arrogance of youth. MORE…


Become a Mentor

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Who wouldn’t want to make a child smile? There are thousands of children in our neighborhood waiting for someone to put a smile on their faces. You have the opportunity to be that person. Become a mentor with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. They are in dire need of responsible role models who can help change the life of the youth in our community.

The youth have so much to gain by being in this program. It is proven that they are more likely to engage in school, and to refrain from using drugs and alcohol. It is our responsibility to reach out to these kids, afterall, they are the future of America. There are thousands of children between the ages of 6 and 18 in the program. For a minimum of four hours each month, you can transform the life of someone’s child.

Can you think of a better way to invest your time?… Didn’t think so! Check out BBBS at their website for more information and to join the program.

NY Times: Plan Seeks More Access for Disabled

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June 16, 2008

WASHINGTON — The Bush administration is about to propose far-reaching new rules that would give people with disabilities greater access to tens of thousands of courtrooms, swimming pools, golf courses, stadiums, theaters, hotels and retail stores. MORE…

YouTube: Obama speaks to HQ staff and volunteers

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Obama supporter in New York subway

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Supporter wears homemade Obama T-shirt in New York subway day after clinching nomination.

Obama supporter wears homemade T-shirt in New York subway one day after Obama clinches nomination. Photo by Naomi Ishisaka

NY Times: COLOR TEST; Where Whites Draw the Line

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June 8, 2008

How black is too black?

Millions of African-Americans celebrated Barack Obama’s historic victory, seeing in it a reflection — sudden and shocking — of their own expanded horizons. But whether Mr. Obama captures the White House in November will depend on how he is seen by white Americans. Indeed, some people argue that one of the reasons Mr. Obama was able to defeat Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton was that a large number of white voters saw him as ”postracial.”

In other words, Mr. Obama was black, but not too black. MORE…

First-generation students struggle to find their place in college

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When Carlito Umali takes center stage Sunday at Seattle University’s commencement ceremony, he’s going to talk about community.

And that’s just about all the soon-to-be grad is willing to reveal about his commencement speech. “You want to know more, you’ve got to come out and see,” said SU’s student commencement speaker, a charismatic 21-year-old who will graduate Sunday against the odds.