Crosscut – Knute Berger – The rock star of hope

What’s amazing about Barack Obama’s message is that he can make something so wholesome seem so sexy.

By Knute Berger

A testament to just how good Barack Obama is is how good he makes the other politicians on stage with him look. It’s like he casts a glow that turns a conventional political tableaux — some stuffy old pols in folding chairs — into a scene washed in the light of a Caravaggio.

I just got back from hearing Obama speak at Seattle’s KeyArena. He was joined on stage by three local politicians who are not exactly paragons of charisma: U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Tacoma, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, and Gov. Chris Gregoire. Yet such was the atmosphere created by Obama’s fans, and such was Obama’s rhetoric, that he made all three seems like the best-lit back-up band a guy ever had. Obama, of course, was the real rock star.

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