ColorsNW – Critical Thoughts–Are you an Obamaphiliac??

by Gyasi Ross
ColorsNW Contributing Blogger

I’ve made no qualms about the candidate that I support in the current primaries, and hopefully in the 2008 General Election as well. I voted for Obama–and I will do it again. I think Obama is a breath of fresh air, and shows an intellectual curiosity, an integrity and compassionate viewpoint that is rare in D.C.

Still, let’s not get it confused–our standards are necessarily lowered because we are, after all, talking about D.C. Looking for intellectual curiosity, integrity and compassion in Washington is like looking for virginal women (or men!) on VH1’s “Rock of Love.” Not gonna happen–so when somebody, like Obama (or John Edwards, or Dennis Kucinich) comes in with some modicum of benevolence and/or genuineness…well…we tend to get a bit besides ourselves.

This condition, in Obama’s situation, has been characterized as “Obamaphilia“, by Joel Stein of the L.A. Times, as if it was a sickness, a palsy. And it just might be. I mean, seriously…A music video by one of the Black Eyed Peas??? Couldn’t we get somebody with some musical curiosity or integrity to replicate those traits that we say that we admire about Obama…anybody else??? Britney?? Hammer??? Vanilla Ice????

But I digress.

Still, I have to believe that many of the people that are jumping on Obama bandwagon are jumping on because, well…so many other are people jumping on the bandwagon. It’s the cool thing to do–like carrying around little puppies under your armpit a couple of years ago, or adopting babies from foreign countries and giving them exotic names and carrying them around like they’re puppies under your armpit…

My point?? Well, the thing is, these puppies oftentimes grow up to be big rabid dogs that foam from the mouth and attack little kids. What I’m saying is, that’s cool that you’re voting for Obama–obviously, as someone connected with his campaign, that’s a position that I can agree with. Still, if you’re voting for Obama or Hillary or Ron Paul simply because it’s the en vogue thing to do, well you’re not really helping the process. Learn a little about the candidates–maybe even more than what the campaign itself says, and I think that you’ll appreciate the process more. I also think that when you learn more about the candidates, you’ll come to the conclusion that Obama is the right candidate.

But he’s not the right candidate because he has a music video. Maybe if it was by Prince or Earth Wind and Fire, though.


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One Comment on “ColorsNW – Critical Thoughts–Are you an Obamaphiliac??”

  1. Mattea Grant Says:

    Hello, My name is mattea grant. I am a senior at st. Ignatius high school in st. Ignatius Montana. I live on the flathead Indian reservation. I met you this past summer at the NABI basketball tournament in phoenix Arizona. I really enjoyed your presentation that you did at the tournament. I thought it was very inspirational.
    My school requires a senior project of your choice to be done before you can graduate. My senior project is to help kids, starting from elementary to high school, to know they can do anything they want with their lives, no matter where they come from. I believe your story could help kids in my school to believe in them selves. I was wondering if you were going to be in the montana area anytime, and if you were, if you would be willing to speak at my high school.
    My e-mail is

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