ColorsNW – Dispatch from Precinct Caucus – Lewis County

By George and Stephen Miller-Zauner, Lewis County –

Our caucus was in the Randle at the Fire Station Community Room and basically covered nine precincts basically have of east Lewis county

From those there for over 75 years to newcomers they all were amazed to see so many people still coming in as we shot this picture just before 1 p. m.

They normally expect no more than 20 people

The ages too were amazed to many for those there covered the very young 17 to as we said 80 something

At one point we count more than 20 under 30 years old

As for as we could see we were of course were the only two that checked off the LGBT question on the sign in sheet

As for the result we still have not seen the whole picture from there but know we will be two alternates at the next level for OBAMA

The general mode was we’re here to end the Clinton Bush then Clinton reign

Overall many changes need to be made if this type of voting is to be fair

It really showed little chance of answering how folks working during this time could vote, how those disabled and couldn’t get there felt etc

George and Stephen Miller-Zauner

Working Toward Equality Since 04/20/1990

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