ColorsNW – A lesson in not taking success for granted?

As I tried to contact the Clinton campaign last week to get press access to her rally on Thursday, I was surprised to find that Washington State was not even listed on her Web site in the list of states you could contact for more information about volunteering, meeting other supporters, etc. This was two days before the Washington caucuses and yet our state wasn’t even listed. This struck me as possibly symbolic of some of the challenges the Clinton campaign has had in tapping into the energy and enthusiasm of Democrats. It seems in some way they wrote off Washington and other states because 1) They didn’t think the race would go on so long without their having clinched the nomination, or 2) They didn’t think they would win in Washington so they didn’t bother creating any infrastructure to support a win. Either way, I think it might be a sign that the Clinton campaign may have seriously underestimated the importance of reaching out to all people in all states and miscalculated in their overconfidence that they would sail through to the nomination. On Clinton’s site today, now Washington has been added, but there are still only 39 states listed, compared with the Obama site which has always had all the states listed. This difference, I think, might speak to why Clinton has been struggling. The old political methods don’t work anymore. People in every state have money, energy and resources that transcend state borders. To write them off as unimportant due to an election calendar is folly.

Clinton Campaign Web site

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