ColorsNW – Post Super Tuesday Hangover and…Obama’s still in it…????


Alright…there’s this little internet phenomenon that’s been going on for some time called “Kimbo-mania.” It involves this HUGE bare knuckled boxer dude named “Kimbo Slice”, and he puts these unsanctioned fights on youtube. In one particular fight–I believe his first one–he fights this Other Big Dude (hereafter referred to as OBD). At one point, Kimbo motions that he is going to allow OBD to hit him in the face as hard as he can and essentially say, like the famous philosopher Pat Benatar, “hit me with your best shot…fire away!!!!”

OBD did, indeed, hit Kimbo with his best shot, and Kimbo did not wilt or wither. The look in OBD’s eyes was that of pure terror, realizing that despite his impressive stature and furious flurry of blows, he had failed.

My guess is that Hillary Clinton’s campaign is feeling a bit OBD-esque right now.

See, she won the states that she desperately needed to win–California, Massachusetts (how???), New York and New Jersey. Despite that, she gained practically nothing–19 delegates, lost the majority of states. This was supposed to be the knock-out blow–the brutal flurry that left Obama like “Glass Joe” on Mike Tyson’s punchout.

But she couldn’t…

I’m not a spin doctor. Hillary is incredibly competent and savvy, and I’m sure that Obama’s folks wish that they had won California and Massachusetts . She is very smart, ambitious, and has the asset (and baggage) of Bill Clinton in her purse. That said, she had to be expecting more structurally from “Super Tuesday.” EVERYPLACE that Obama has gone in the caucus format–the format that will now dominate the primaries–has favored Obama. Where he is able to go and connect with the voters, tell his story and empathize with them–that’s where he has been best, and where Hillary–save a few tears in New Hampshire–has been at her worst. That is the format that we now find ourselves in.

My suspicion is that now this thing is slowing down from that brutal flurry, the structure or tone of the race now favors Obama substantially. His people are energized, focused and most scary, confident. They’re saying, like that fountain of knowledge Pat Benatar, “Put up your dukes, let’s get down to it!!” Amazingly when the smoke cleared, Obama’s still in it to fight another day.


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