ColorsNW – Election Night Blogging – First results

After a laptop re-charge break, a few updates:

Obama won: Utah, Minnesota, North Dakota, Alabama, Kansas

Clinton won: N.Y., Massachusetts, N.J., Tennessee

A pumped up Obama crowd heard from the new state Obama campaign director who spoke about the tightness of this race and the need for Washingtonians to get mobilized immediately for our caucuses on Sat. Former Mayor Norm Rice spoke to the crowd while being heckled by a woman who repeatedly shouted, “We don’t want Norm Rice here, we don’t want Norm Rice here,” for some unknown reason. The crowd tried to silence her, but she would not be thwarted. Western states results are now coming in. The crowd is getting more and more excited. Mitt Romney is taking advantage of his surprise win in Utah to make a speech – supporters are holding signs that look suspiciously like Obama “Change: We can believe in” knockoffs. – Naomi Ishisaka

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