P-I Endorsement: A time for change

Last updated February 1, 2008 2:51 p.m. PT

P-I Endorsement: A time for change


Washington voters begin having their official say on the 2008 presidential election this week with the field substantially narrowed.

In this week’s caucuses and the primaries that follow, Democrats are fortunate to have a difficult choice between two capable leaders whose largely similar visions on global warming, health care and the economy offer the best hopes for this country’s future. In this history-making race, Sen. Barack Obama is the better choice over his worthy rival, Sen. Hillary Clinton, because of the real prospects he offers for change in domestic policy, the tone of government in Washington, D.C., and the conduct of foreign affairs.

We are less enamored of the Republicans. Undisturbed by a wrongly launched war of aggression, the leading contenders have competed to show who would be best at standing by the Bush-Cheney legacy of arrogant intervention. Despite his embrace of a particularly dangerous stance on Iraq, Sen. John McCain stands out on the basis of his forceful climate change position, his independence and his distinguished record of public service.

If the two races remain undecided after Super Tuesday, Washington residents will have a rare opportunity to have a voice in the nomination outcomes, joining a healthy national conversation in which the public, more than the media, has taken seriously the prospects for change.

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