The Economist – Has the magical mystery tour hit the buffers?

Has the magical mystery tour hit the buffers?


From The Economist print edition

Not yet: the Obama spell is stronger than that

ONE certainty emerges from the confusion of Iowa and New Hampshire: Barack Obama is still the shiniest star in the political firmament. The citizens of Iowa and New Hampshire are not a particularly demonstrative bunch. In Iowa they pride themselves on their Midwestern common sense; New Hampshirites on their ornery independence. But Mr Obama has stirred them as they have seldom been stirred before.People turned up in their thousands to listen to his speeches. They lined up for hours. They filled his every venue to the rafters. They high-fived and chanted (“fired up, ready to go”). They thrilled to his rhetoric. Mouldering old political hacks declared that they had not seen anything like this since JFK.

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