From the Washington Post blog …

From The Washington Post’s Blog …

I have to admit that Barack Obama’s victory speech in Iowa last night gave me goosebumps. Did you feel the same way?

Last night wasn’t the first time an African American has won a presidential primary (or equivalent). But it was the first time that an African American became a major party’s presidential frontrunner — doing so, no less, in a state where he had to have the support of white voters, since that’s basically the only kind available in Iowa. Obama may never become president — but he just might. I grew up in South Carolina at the tail end of the Jim Crow era. You’ll excuse me for finding yesterday’s turn of events pretty amazing.

Skepticism has always been wise when it comes to assessing America’s progress on issues of race — “Trust, but verify,” as Ronald Reagan said in a different context. But last night felt a lot like verification. Of precisely what? I don’t know yet, but it feels as if we’ve turned a page. Yes, there may be many pages left to go — but, undeniably, one fewer.

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